My name is Josh Hunn and together with my wife Angie, we are the owners of Josh Wash.

We've worked hard to develop a successful window cleaning service by placing a high priority on customer loyalty. We continue to be aware of the high demand for clean glass and proper care for the customer, but we'll talk more on that later.  Right now we would like to give you a little bit of background.

I'm born and raised in St. Louis. My wife originally lived in the beautiful state of Vermont before a love of music brought her south to Tennessee, which is where we first met. We both love to travel and remain close to her family in Vermont, but we're proud to live in St. Louis. Yes, the typically cold, icy winters and hot, humid summers get a little old. But having family here too, along with the history and traditions of St. Louis, Cardinals baseball...this is home.

People constantly ask me: "Do you do windows?" Without a doubt, yes "I do windows." In fact, I come from a long line of family in the window glazing industry, having worked several years as a journeyman myself in the trade. I've worked installing frames and windows on everything from high-rise buildings to mirrors in single story dwellings.

Making the transition to specialize in window cleaning was easy for me based on my experience in working with windows and the fact that our research told us two things:
  • People are looking for professional, trustworthy, customer oriented window washers who believe in doing quality work.
  • There aren't too many of those kind of window washers around.
So Josh Wash was born. We've been able to build our company into what it is by creating a unique niche in the market. Being that we're a professional window washing service not a large business or franchise we again not only offer top quality window cleanings, but a true belief in providing outstanding customer service.  Rest assured that you will only deal with my wife and I (not someone else) from the moment you contact us right down to completing the job within your home.

With many positive responses already to our services, I guess something must be working. That's our story. Hopefully we'll meet soon and you can tell us yours.